Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patricks Day

So I started my celebrations this morning and will be out all day. Today you get a nice short post that is in the spirit of the holiday.

If you like drinking here is the magic card for you. Go to bars and hand this to a bartender and yell "I TARGET YOU TO GET ME TARGET DRAFT BEER." I've tried this before I can tell you with certainty that there is about a 20% chance this will work. At least as long as you have money to go along with the card I'm sure you're golden. If you're not the bar type then feel free to use this on your friends.

For those of you that don't drink, well you're wrong and probably on the wrong website. I guess more reasonably would be those of you who are not of legal age (because we don't condone that kind of shit here) this is the card for you. Magic's only leprechaun. Build a mono green deck with this bad boy and spread the holiday spirit by turning your opponents deck green. Then feel free to stand up and give a misinformed monologue about St. Patrick and how he drove out all the Eldrazi from Ireland.

That's it for today children. Now it's time for me to make like Tithe Drinker and drink tithes until I put on a dress and find a throne to just sit in all day.



Replace the sheep with light beer and pizza and this will be an accurate portrait of me at 5 PM.

I don't know how you could have questions about this post. It's pretty straight forward. Feel free to leave a comment though if you're coherent enough. Even if you aren't capable of typing words, it's probably better that way.

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