Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Wizard's Tower Wednesday - Themeing your tower (Aka how to be cool)

Hey everybody, this is Dan. Today is Wednesday, and we all know what that means!

Only two more days of soul crushing work until your depressing lonely weekend?
Wizard's Tower Wednesday! Hooray! For those of you not in the know, check out our original article explaining what the heck a Wizard's Tower is. We also have a whole slew of posts talking about Wizard's Tower, and you can access those dank nugs of information by clicking on the Wizard's Tower Wednesday link off to the right. Also, special thanks to /u/quantumturnip from Reddit for this spectacular list of crazy cards. We plan on talking about a lot of them soon. S/he has completely changed my opinion of turnips.

Today we're going to touch on something that I sort of did on accident, but I pretend was on purpose so that I look like less of a dumbdumb: the idea of giving your tower a unique theme or identity.

My tower's theme is "Not Magic"
There's a few different ways to go about this. Maybe you, like me, started playing in Theros. Because of this you just have a billion weird creatures that are also enchantments, and artifacts that are also enchantments, and things that care about enchantments, and maybe you're just an enchanting person in general. So why not build your Tower to focus on enchantments?

For example, my tower sport the regular suite of "Silly cards that are really not that great," such as Jace, The Living Guildpact and Dakra Mystic.

Incidentally, this is an amazing card for Wizard's Tower.
But a good majority of the cards in my deck are enchantments, or care about enchantments. I have some of the Eidolons, a bunch of guys with Constellation (side note: that mechanic could have been cool as hell, and I'm really upset that there weren't many cards with it. I really hope they bring it back in a future set.), plenty of things that care about enchantments, and of course, a buttload of enchantment removal.
Basically a boardwipe.
Making my tower focus around enchantments serves a few purposes.

  1. From here on out, if I find a really cool enchantment that I want in a deck, such as Demonic Pact, I have a home for it.
  2. The deck plays a little more cohesively, and it feels more like you're playing with a giant deck rather than just a giant pile of cool cards (not that there's anything wrong with that)
  3. I get to clear out my Theros bulk bin.
  4. I feel cooler than people who have boring non-themed towers.
Obviously, enchantments aren't the only theme available in MTG. There are Goats, too. Or maybe you played a lot during the Mirrodin block, and you have an infinite number of cool artifacts. Make your tower mostly artifacts, and pretend you're playing modern Affinity. Like flipping things? Fill it chock full or Morph/Megamorph and have no one ever have any idea what any creature is until they die to it. Interested in chairs? Make a deck entirely based on chairs and people sitting in chairs. Magic is a sweet game with endless possibilities, and you can create whatever nonsensical deck you can dream up.

The Sultry Salami Challenge:

How will YOU beat the meat?
Alright, guys. We know some of you read and enjoy Wizard's Tower Wednesday, so we're gonna try this. We want to see the coolest theme'd up tower you can make. Maybe Goblins are just your jam, so you want a 250 card pile of Goblins. Dope. Don't just make it and then hide away in your basement like you do whenever the UPS lady drops off your packages, share it with us!

Send us a message or drop a comment below with a link to to neatest tower you can make. After a week or two of asking for schweet submissions, we're going to pick out our favorite and talk about it. And, honestly, probably copy it. But first we'll share it with the world, and tell everyone the genius who is behind the idea, and your name will live on in eternal glory. Or, you know, like 10 kids will make your tower and at the very least you can feel a bit smug.

Have other tower ideas? Think there's a theme that is vastly superior to anything else? Want to share your mono-blue Cephalid tower with us to potentially win the contest? Whatever the reason, drop us a comment or send us a message! Or, if you're a hip kid, tweet us with your twotter at the new Heavy Salami Twitter page!


  1. I need one point of clarity on Wizard's Tower: is a proper tower highlander (only one copy of each card) or jam as many of whatever? I'm on task to try and make one of these so your guidance and mockery is crucial.

    1. Yeh, singleton is the way to do it. I should probably make our original intro post say that too...

  2. Thanks for the shoutout again!

    1. Thanks for doing our research for us again bby