Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Waiting Tower Wednesday

Me in the morning. And Night. And all day.

Friends, I'm sorry to say that Wizard's Tower Wednesday is postponed until next week. I've been in Indiana for work with no internet since Sunday and didn't get home until about midnight last night. Tomorrow I'm going to Electric Forest and I'm spending all day today packing. I was hoping to get something up today, either an article or my peep, but sadly neither will be happening. I will be gone and won't be writing anything until next week. I would like to to tell you that we have some exciting news that I'll be sharing next week, but it's not really exciting, and it's not really news. So instead, I'll say we have some words next week that I'll probably share.

I'll be back to regular articles next week, and if any of you mages are going to Electric Forest and want to hangout with one half of Heavy Salami, try and find me. I won't have anything that says Heavy Salami anywhere but if you just start asking "Have you seen Heavy Salami?" I'm sure it will make it to me eventually. If you're bored just watch a bunch of cat videos or troll around the internet looking for new spoilers. Until next week!

This is an actual image of Gaige.


Similar to Gaige, I'm kind of booked. I've been practicing (lol like it'll help) for GP Pittsburgh quite a bit, so my time after work has been spent biking around town to get to stores for Standard events. It's kind of sweet because even if I get stomped at the GP (I will), I'll at least have wicked strong quads from all this biking.

Me and some friends will be at GP Pittsburgh! We will be competing in the main standard event, and once we scrub out, will be all over participating in side events. If anyone else is going and want to say "hi", look for the dude wearing a Heavy Salami shirt who is loudly complaining about how bad he is at Magic. I'll be sporting our sexy new logo, and I'll be lookin' hot in it, so come and objectify me. I imagine we're gonna explore the city and get a bit exotic afterwards as well. Keep an eye on the Heavy Salami twitter for live updates about how quickly I lose my matches. (You can click that sentence and be deposited on our Twitter)

You have no idea how stoked I am for these shirts.
Also, I really hope one of you submitted The Molten Frog Tornado (you can click that, too) deck to play. Let's get to the feature table and have a mirror match.

I don't really have anything to sum up in italics, since this entire post was kind of a summary. Leave a comment if you're going to be at GP Pittsburgh or Electric Forest and want to get toasty with the Heavy Salami crew!

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  1. No worries about the lack of content this week, this is a promising blog and it's worth the wait!