Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Quick Update

Gaige here. I just want to apologize for the lack of content. I was going to try to get you a shitty WtW post that would just be a shorter and condensed version but after looking at the article it was even shorter-er and condensed-er than I thought it would be. It was bad. Real bad. Me trying to play Magic bad. So rather than write something that tries to be an article but is really just letting you know I'm alive, I'm writing this. Yes I am alive, yes I am in Kentucky, yes I am stuck in a factory, no this state nor this factory does not have internet. I apologize, but if you really want more content get more people to read this so Dan and I can do this full time and make content for you non-stop. Check back next Wednesday. We'll at least have on article by then. Or we might not. Maybe by next week we'll at least get you some pictures to look at. We can find out together.

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