Friday, January 06, 2017

Weekly Saturday Stream!

No, not that kind, idiot.
Hey all, it's Dan here with a friendly reminder about the new Heavy Salami Twitch channel! You can find it by clicking on these words. We wanted to make sure ALL of you knew about our latest and greatest project.

We've started working with the LGS we frequent - Stadium Cards and Comics in Ypsilanti, MI - in order to showcase the sick brews people play there. We'll be recording each Standard event, and then doing live commentary on Saturdays at 12 noon EST.


  • Brews! Though there is the occasional tier deck, a majority of the players at our store like to bring new decks frequently. Expect the unexpected from these players - G/B Panharmonicon, Naya Midrange, Mono Blue Summonings, and Bant Dubious Challenge are just a few of the zany decklists I've seen played.
  • Sassy commentary! At least, I like to think we're sassy. Let your ears be pleasured as we give sort-of-in-depth gameplay analysis, and make horrible meat-themed jokes, along with horrible jokes revolving around other topics as well.
  • Deck Techs! We will be explaining the different decks we play each week, and are planning on doing interviews for others players as well. Like a deck you see on our stream? Tell us, and we'll get the full list and do a deck tech with the player!
  • Prizes! After a few tries to work out any technical kinks, we plan to start doing this stream weekly. Once that happens and we can get a nice consistent audience, we have some sick Salami merch that we want to share with the world. You could be the proud owner of one of many different dope ass custom foil tokens:
Monks have never looks so stoic.
  • Pets! I have a dog and Gaige has a cat and sometimes they'll walk by as we talk.
If any of this sounds enticing to you, tune in and check it out. And of course, you can get updates of any fun stuff we do by lookin' us up on Twitter @Heavy_Salami. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you in chat!

The paragraph before this covered most things I'd put in italics so I'm really just putting this here for consistency #Meat #Italics #Meatalics


  1. Exciting! Also, I remain slightly unconvinced that "Ypsilanti" is a real town, since it sounds way more like some G/U legendary dual land. Which would also be a pretty sweet game store location, come to think of it. Ypsilanti, the Jungle of Knowledge.

    1. Between Ypsi, Kalamazoo, Mesick, Cohoctah, I'm pretty convinced that the native Americans were just drunk when they named their cities.