Thursday, December 29, 2016

Streaming, Podcasts, and General Shenanigans!

A match made in heaven.
Sup people, it's Dan here with some news and stuff. We officially have a Twitch Channel! You can search for us on Twitch by looking for Heavy_Salami. Currently our channel has quite a few videos of us playing League of Legends, because we had to test streaming software, and honestly cause that's 90% of what we do.

Pictured: me.
So if you're into that, feel free to watch. BUT, more importantly, we recently got the equipment together to start recording and doing commentary on FNM's at our local store, Stadium Cards and Comics in Ypsilanti, MI! If you're interested in getting your weekly dose of Salami, keep an eye out for our videos.

This is our first whirl at this, so feel free to critique and let us know what you'd like to see. Or just watch and laugh for some good magical times.

We've also recorded a Podcast, and will be starting that up regularly. Expect those to be posted here as well. As always, you can follow us on Twitter @Heavy_Salami to get all the latest hotness and the freshest memes.

Aether Revolt is coming soon! Expect us to talk about cards as they come out; we'll be sure to present the terrible jank brews we make to you ASAP so that you can join us in losing at the SCG Columbus Open on release weekend Jan 21-22. Team Heavy Salami will be attending in force to compete in the main event, and we plan on getting wacky. Let us know if you're going!

Thanks all for reading, and we hope you enjoy the video. Stay Heavy.

Team Heavy Salami is your source for some of the okay-est Magic content on the internet. If your decks are not currently fresh to death, please apply Heavy Salami directly to your collection.

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