Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Return of Wizard's Tower Wednesday

Well it was really never gone, I just got a combination of lazy and caught up in work and hadn't written anything. Hello buckaroos, Gaige here to throw some more stupid ideas at you. Kaladesh is in the early stages of spoiler season and everything about it looks awesome. Wizards must love me but hate my bank account because they want it to be zero. Check out Mythic Spoiler to see everything that has been spoiled so far if you haven't seen any of it yet.

Also check here if you're new to this and haven't yet heard about the best format in Magic.

Despite not everything spoiled, there is enough of Kaladesh available to give you some ideas of what to use in your Tower once you start opening boosters and have cards you don't know what to do with. There are so many fun new mechanics and cards in Kaladesh I'm having a rough time containing my excitement. That's why I don't contain it. Every now and then I'll run a victory lap around the office with a giant Wizard's of the Coast flag behind me.

Don't let their fancy words fool you, it's just a water tower
Let's start with the card that is not only the featured picture but also actually a tower. It seems appropriate although I thought that tending to my bees naked seemed appropriate but now I basically pee honey. This card is perfect for Wizard's Tower. It's silly but also functional. Every time you play a spell you get a life for every spell you played. You as a player also have an ultimate in case you get to 50+ life and want some creature VERY dead. Everyone will tell you this card is bad but I'm here to tell you that you're looking at my new standard deck. It's also hard to deal with because artifacts are generally hard to remove right until that exact moment that someone gets a perfect draw and you lose the game. Fuck you Kevin.

I will now make this jar disappear. SCIENCE!
Although you can't use this to get any lands back to play them as something else, you can keep your non land permanents safe from removal. Image having your whole board dodge a board wipe only to also draw that many cards. From here the possibilities are endless. We both know even with endless possibilities though you'll just play a land, play two of the creatures that you bounced, then discard down to seven but hey, nothing died this turn right? Oh look your other opponent had a board wipe too. Well you tried. At least you got to draw some cards.

Started from the Aether now I'm here

I would like to be a lord of luxury but here I am just an enthusiast of meats and Magic. Although there isn't an "opponents deck" to target, this still does some stuff for you. You yourself can feel like the lord of luxury as you look at the top four cards of the Tower and pick one that you want to play. Oddly some of this card's effectiveness is actually lost in Wizard's Tower but a 2/3 for 4 with deathtouch and deck manipulation. It's a good midrange card that is playable and fun but not super over-the-top-player-flips-the-table-because-this-was-the-last-straw-and-they-hate-you-and-are-only-playing-maigc-with-you-because-you-don't-have-friends-and-they-feel-bad-for-you.

Beep Beep Mother Fucker
New to Kaladesh and an awesome addition is vehicles. They have cars and boats and skyships and I'm still waiting on trains and a Da Vinci helicopter. You just put your little creatures inside the vehicles and vroom vroom all over your opponents face. These are a super fun addition to Magic and with enough of these in your Tower you can just name it 250 car pileup. They are interesting mechanically and all vehicles seem pretty fun to play. They also don't require any outside resources other than other creatures so they fit in just about any format. This one in particular is a cartifact that enters as a 5/3 trample haste and can be turned into a 5/3 trample haste every turn if you decide to crew it with creatures. Me? I'm just a collector of vintage vehicles so this will sit on the battlefield for everyone to look at but no one is allowed to drive it.

So it's been some time since our last Wizard Tower Wednesday and Kaladesh seemed like a great returning point. The Wizard Tower feature is no longer going to be done every week but will be done probably every other week or when some new set or mechanic is announced just to keep things fresh. This also gives us more room to write other more interesting articles on Wednesdays. We're hoping to get some other things in the works and in the mean time check us out at GP Louisville this weekend. We'll be wearing shirts repping the salami and we'll have stickers for everyone. Until that time, stay safe and don't get involved in road rage because I hear Kaladeshians have magic and all you have is a tire iron.

Hate that WtW is back? Are you also waiting for trains in Kaladesh? Have you ever wondered if you're actually just an NPC in someone elses dream? Leave a comment or send us a message with all of your existential questions!

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