Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wizard's Tower: Conspiracy 2: Tin Foil Hat Boogaloo

Don't let the conspiracies get you

Monday started my favorite season that comes several times a year: Spoiler Season. They started spoiling what will be in Conspiracy: Take the Crown and the set looks fun as hell. I haven't played it but when Dan and I get a chance to draft it, we'll put up a review of how it went down. In the meantime I'm going to go ahead and recommend it anyways based off the cards I've seen because it looks awesome. But after you draft this set, what do you do with the cards? Sure you can play them in Legacy but unless you have a couple grand just lying around Legacy can be a difficult format to get into. EDH is another possibility but only some cards will be good and your'll still have a lot left over. Good thing most of the Conspiracy cards are perfect for Wizard's Tower so let's talk about that.

For those of you that don't know: intro to Wizard's Tower

First, let's take a moment to shove this obvious point down your throat:

The artist is gonna get fired for forgetting to take the sticky note of the art of his card

How I imagine Harry Potter fans were when the cursed child came out

It says it right on these cards. These are drafting. They serve no function in a Tower because there is no drafting aspect of Wizard's Tower. It seems like it could go without saying but sometimes I just don't know about Magic players.

Better get your hands on this card before she gets assassinated in Conspiracy 3
The monarch mechanic seems perfect for Wizard's Tower and Queen McCheesy doesn't seem too overpowered for a Tower. Really it seems perfect in every format that has more than two people in it. I'm jumping the gun a little because obviously I haven't played with it yet and it could totally blow but I love the idea of passing around the monarch. I also love it more because I'm going to go buy a tiara and use that as our monarch token so that you truly feel like the ruler of the table. Multiple monarch cards in your Tower will give you a better chance of getting the monarch token onto the field. Passing around the monarch card is perfect because it gets the action going and allows for extra card draw for people. Will update with more info after actually becoming the queen of Magic.

I like the one dude just casually sneaking away 
Like the monarch mechanic this mechanic was developed for multiplayer and adds some sweet, sweet spiciness to Wizard's Tower. When you play cards like this everyone gets a vote and it adds more political fun to the game. It could also add political hatred and then someone flips over the table as they declare that they're going to capital punish you. Hopefully you don't hang out with people like that and it should add more fun that table flips. Unlike the first conspiracy, every vote counts for something more than just which outcome wins. On top of the zany antics that this brings, this card in particular is also a pseudo kill spell that would be a good fit in a Tower.

Better than a hollow burial
This doesn't really bring anything mechanically different, but it's a boardwipe and one of the most appropriate board wipes for Wizard's Tower. It resets the board while putting them all back on the bottom of the library. It is still possible that they come back into circulation especially if you have some library shuffling cards. There was one time we almost made it through a whole tower and then someone shuffled cards back into the deck. Just the creatures though. It was a very long game. No creature removal and no boardwipes. Just a lot of grid lock and constant swinging. Use this to make that happen. It'll still be fun. Probably.

Silence is golden but I would rather have mythics and they're orange
Again this doesn't have anything mechanically but as a individual card would be super fun in Wizard's Tower. It might be a couple games before it gets really good because you'll start to know certain cards at certain costs that you don't want played. If you don't its a 2/2 for 3 where you can safely call 3 or 4 as a number and shutdown a fair amount of cards. That gets rid of a lot of removal and counter spells and other weird things. If it's fairly late game you can also use this to help you keep your board state by shutting down a boardwipe or two. Throw in some cards that let you look at other peoples hands like Zur's Weirding and you can pick and choose what you don't want people to play. It can be pretty hit or miss but it's a good addition.

As more conspiracy things come out I'm sure there will be more awesome cards for your tower. Wizard's Tower is the one of the best uses for these cards if you don't have the wallet to play Legacy or the patience to play EDH. Wizard's Tower again is here to save the day with it's accessibility because, again, it is the best format.

Want to let us know how many boxes of Conspiracy 2 you ordered? Want to fill us in on how your draft went? Want complain about No Man's Sky? Leave us a comment or send us a message!


  1. Looks promising! The voting mechanic seems particularly entertaining.

    What is official Heavy Salami policy on cards from Unglued/Unhinged/etc. for the Tower? It looks like there are some perfect fits (Free for All in particular)

    1. I could definitely see some Un cards being really fun in Wizard's Tower. I don't know the Unglued set very well but in Unhinged, Point Finger of Doom comes to mind as a card that could be a good fit. Some of the Gotcha mechanics that are activated from the graveyard could get out of hand though...