Monday, February 29, 2016


Looks like you ended up in the wrong part of the woods.

I bet you nerds didn't know that today is shitty deck Sunday so it's time to branch out and get real casual. This is my shitty treefolk tribal deck with it's beautiful name "WAKE UP TREEPLE"

This deck is just a 60 card kitchen table deck and consists of about half cards I had laying around in my trunk, and half cards I purchased. For those of you too poor to play magic, this exact decklist runs for about $130 dollars but you can fit it to your budget by swapping in some cheaper trees and lands.

If you have a few lands and a Treefolk Harbinger you're in really good shape already. You now have a one drop that will be annoying for at least for a few turns and you can use him to stick it to your opponent and get another land or a treefolk you next turn depending on what seems like a good idea at the time.

Hopefully you've got an early game Cultivate or Rampant Growth to give you a few extra lands, and if not I hope you were smart enough to use the Treefolk Harbinger to get a Bosk Banneret to play all your treeple for cheaple.

From there start using things like Heartwood Storyteller and Sapling of Colfenor to start drawing through your deck and gain life so you can get a super foresty board presence.

Another way to get things quick is either Leaf-Crowned Elder and/or Lurking Predators. This is a creature heavy deck so more times than not you'll hit a creature and just start flooding the board with trees.

Your end game is combinations of Doran, the Siege Tower, Dauntless Dourbark, and/or Timber Protector and using them to make your opponent feel your splintery sting.

As far as land goes mine is all over the place because other than Murmuring Bosk I just used what I had laying around. You can get away with just basics if you're on a budget but having Murmuring Bosk's is super nice because they are forests, so fetches and Treefolk Harbinger both can grab you this three color land.

The Mage-Ring Networks are in here for if you get land screwed but also in here for two cards: Sylvan Offering and Verdeloth the Ancient (Side Note: I thought Verdeloth was in my decklist for this but turns out he is not. I just bought him on Amazon as I am typing this so in about two days time I will be pulling something out for him.) Pump the Mage-Ring Networks every turn so you can pay your two X spells with all the mana in the world and get and a bunch of buds.

Honestly this deck is really simple to play. Just play a lot of big guys and start swinging in. If things look bad use a Planar Outburst. If you're too dumb to figure out how to play this deck correctly then just leaf.



After reading all the tree puns I decided I'm not gonna post on here because I don't want to be associated with Gaige's shitty puns

Like this deck idea? Hate this deck idea? Think you can build a better version? Think I'm a tree hugging hippy with too many tree puns? Let us know with some hate mail. Or don't. I probably don't care what you have to say anyways.

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